Reading Roadrunners have produced a book

'Celebrating 30 Years of Reading Roadrunners'         1987 to 2017

It has contributions from many of the members with articles and photos from the 30 years history.

Stan Eldon receiving book from Chris Mason


Stan and Marion Eldon's Diamond Wedding

Married at Windsor on 12th October 1957

Reading Half Marathon 2017

Details on the RHM page.

In the last few weeks one of the great distance runners of the 1950/60's died.

Derek Ibbotson MBE was a great athlete and I remember the night he broke the World Mile Record, 19th July 1957. I was in my police digs waiting to go on night duty and had no TV so had to listen on the radio. He broke the record with 3:57.2.

He was a character as well as a super athlete. At the Commonwealth Games in Cardiff in 1958 he found the beds in the RAF camp at St Athan uncomfortale so he rang a well known matress maker and almost instantly a new matress appeared on the top of a car.

I ran with him many times.

Derek is No.10 Eldon No.6


Congratulations to Reading Roadrunners who celebrated their 30 year history on 21st January with a party. The club formed in 1987 following training sessions for the Reading Half Marathon organised at Palmer Park on three previous years.

Later this year Reading Joggers celebrate their 40th birthday.

Both are young compared to Reading Athletic Club who were formed in 1881.


Stan with Jimmy Hill and founder of the Miss World event

The autobiography by Stan Eldon 'Life on the Run' publisher by Arthur H Stockwell tells his life story which has had 'running connections' since the age of 12 as a schoolboy in Windsor.  Various careers and activities, police, event organiser including setting up the Reading Half Marathon, charity administrator and newspaper columnist.

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Recent profile by John Cobley at 'New'


Life on the Run

Eldon head Sir Chris Chataway       Beating Alain Mimoun Olympic Marathon Champion

A Book for Runners written by Stan Eldon a runner with 60 years experience at all levels from World Class to Fun and Charity Runs

The Case bound book was published by A.H.Stockwell Ltd in 2002 and is now available as an ebook on Amazon and has over years been reviewed in newspapers and magazines including the specialist athletics press in this country and overseas.

Ahtletics Weekly ".. in the book the former International Cross Coutry winner (1958) provides a good red not only for those who ran with him, butb also for the many athletic fans who like a bit of controversy. Sprinkled with anecdotes, the book recalls the difficuties getting into Moscow airport for an international match, another is the claim by Gordon Pirie that 'Stan Eldon' cheats- he runs too fast at the start."

Runner's World " Stan Eldon's 53 year old running career makes for a surprisingly good read.Eldon was one of Britain's top distance runners winning the International Cross Country title (the forerunner of the World Championship) in 1958.  Her was in the police force, and became popular in the oress as the 'galloping cop'. He was also a track runner of note, setting British records at 6 mikes and 10,000 metres."

Comments from readers of the book.............

" I am only a few years younger than yourself, I can relate to your early years of life.........."

"....It really is an interesting production and to list all the best bits would take a whole book."

" will be joining such interesting signees as Ayrton Senna, Kerry Dixon, Barbara Windsor and Steve Redgrave. Would you like me to put you next to Barbara Windsor?"

Newspaper reviews have included the Reading Evening Post under the banner Eldon’s Marathon Effort is a Good Read -

" The copper on the beat also became a highly successful international athlete...."

The Foreword for the book was written by Len Runyard the former secretary of Windsor Slough and Eton AC from its early days as Eton AC when Stan Eldon joined the club.

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