London Marathon 2017

The Top performers in the Lodon Marathon from Reading Roadrunners were:- Matthew RICHARDS 2:35.11 (141st), Seb BRIGGS 2:37.31 (211th), Rupert SHUTE 2:40.52 (342nd), Ben WHALLEY 2:44.20 (505th) and top female was Carrie HOSKINS 2:57.08. A total of 51 from the club took part.
Ther top Reading Jogger was Alex WHEARITY 2:54.57 (1249th). A total of 13 from the club took part.
London Marathon 2016
Best Reading performances were Keith Russell 127th 2:33.23 and Rupert Shute 173rd 2:36.12 both Reading Roadrunners and Reading  Jogger Alex Wheatley 886th 2:50.46.



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Fitness ,  Exercise and Health – Athletes

Although there is no doubt that keeping fit with regular exercise is good for general health and well- being there is another question that is never been properly addressed by the medical profession or by the Governing Body of the sport.

This is not about those who have taken up running to just keep fit and compete at the social end of the activity but about those who have competed at the highest level of athletics and maybe some of those who are now running extreme and ultra -events.

Many athletes have died at a young age and some who are still around have major medical problems.

The list of those who died early includes Peter Driver, Gordon Pirie, Lillian Board, John Merriman, all world class athletes, and many more around the world who died ahead of time either from cancer or heart disease. Two more died of cancer in 2014, Frank Salvat and Gerry North although they were both in their late 70’s.

I also read a book, The Ghost Runner, about runner John Tarrant who was banned by athletics because he had accepted £17 in expenses as a teenage boxer. This made him turn to ultra-distance events where he ran unofficially but he died in his 40’s with cancer.

There are many who are still round who do have problems including Dave Bedford a former world record holder who had a heart attack at a young age, as did Gerry Stevens from Reading AC, a former steeplechase international and myself with diabetes,  cancer and heart disease.

We were in the main a generation long before drugs were used to enhance performance but we did all train vary hard and put great strain on our bodies both physical and mental.

I met up with Olympic Marathon Silver medallist Basil Heatley who I know well as we were in the Army team together. The conversation got round to health and we both discovered that we had the same wide ranging problems. He told me that he had tried to interest the medical profession in the problem but without success.

Well know athletic journalist Martin Duff wrote a very good article in the magazine Athletics Weekly as he knew of the problem and he also suffers from heart problems. He hoped it would stimulate interest but NO.

I am often being asked to join research projects for many things and have taken part on some but never with this particular problem in mind, although I have pushed the subject.

Although my main interest Is athletics I think most other sports are building their own problems with more and more competitions with several matches or games in a week for large parts of the year without suitable breaks.

It requires medics who have interest and knowledge of running and sport to pick up the challenge and do some proper research.

As the Reading Post closed on 17th December 2014 I will no longer be writing this column for the newspaper. My web site will still be available and if any club or individual would like to send me details I would be happy to put it on this site.

Send by email to

I have now reached the stage of clearing out masses of material re the Reading Half and all the articles I have produced over many years.

Recent News

Reading Joggers ran their 2nd summer handicap over 5 miles on 21st May. 52 took part and there were 12 PB's. The winner was Cliff Marriott with a  PB of 38:17 and 5.86% up on handicap. The winning female was Laura McBride with PB of 50:17 and plus 4.91%.

London Marathon 2015

Top Reading runners were Luc Jolly 149th 2:35.32 and Rupert Shute 159th 2:35.51 both Reading Rpadrunners. Caroline Hoskins (Reading AC)  was 140th female in 3:04.30.

Congratulations to Jonny Davies

He has now crossed over from Junior to Senior after great success in his last few months in the younger category.He retained hi National Junior Cross Country title bu 30 seconds.He is top of the rankings for 10k and he won IAAF Junior Home Countries International in Ireland with anogther easy win.

Events reported on in the Reading Post by Stan Eldon.

The Final Stan Eldon Column

In the latest Hampshire Cross Country League race at Popham Airfield, Basingstoke Sarah Urwin-Mann headed the Reading Roadrunners Women’s team in 21st place and 7th vet  which put her in the same position in the ranking of the top ten vet runners to date, Mark Worringham was the top placed  Reading Roadrunner male in 19th. Other scoring team runners were Robert Tan 47th, Mark Saunders 69th, Lance Nortcliff 80th and Alex Harris 92 for a total of 307, their best to date and 7th on the day. The vet team of Nortcliff 20th, Harris 25th and Colin Cottell  74th were 3rd in the 2nd Division Vets. League.  The women’s team were  12th and 7th vet team with Urwin-Mann, Toni McQueen 80th and 41st vet and Claire Seymour 97th and 56th vet.

Belinda Tull (Reading Roadrunners) was 6th female and 3rd FV35 in the Andy Reading 10k at Bicester with 43:00. Husband Graham was  86th 42:44 and two Reading Joggers  Joanne Hendrie and Adrian Lee finished together in 67:54.

Roy Maddams the Belgrave Harrier switched back to the Reading Park Run for his latest win in 17:07.He has completed 79 of the runs in contrast to the second runner to finish Sam Rodda a 15 year oldof Reading AC running his first Park Run in 18:32. Mark Saunders was top Reading Roadrunner  4th 19:18, and Alice Leake from the club was 14th and 1st female with a new PB of 20:09, other ‘green vests’ were Dean Allaway 6th 19:31, Aaron Chai 7th 19:33, Fergal Donnelly 10th 19:45. Ben Rollings (Reading AC) was 5th with his PB of 19:28.

The first two in the Woodley Park Run were Reading AC members and both with new PB’s, Jacob Flannigan won in 17:15 from Alex Sutton 17:39. The Harris daughter and dad duo finished in the same time of 21:44, Naomi of  Reading AC 20th   and 2nd female  and Alex of Reading Roadrunners 21st.

A sad farewell to this newspaper which I have had an association with from the start in 1965.

I was one of the first to advertise in the new newspaper and advertised my business Stan Eldon Sports in it after being persuaded by the local advertising representative of the paper a young John Madejski (now Sir John).

My association comntinued through working with the ‘Post’ on various sporting and other activities included fashion shows and sporting events.  From 1983 they helped to promote the new town event, the Reading Haf Marathon. In 1994 I started writing this column as well as writing many articles previously especially about the Half Marathon.

I have met many interesting and pleasant runners over my time of writing on athletics. They have included runners of all ages and standards. Some I have seen from the start of their running through to a lot of success.

The three important athletic clubs in the town Reading Athletic Club, Reading Roadrunners and Reading Joggers have played their part and have given me great help with this column.

I hope the growth of athletics in all its forms continues to grow in Reading and that it can find a way to reach new athletes of all ages to the sport.

Thank you to all those who have helped me produce this weekly summary of your events. Carry on enjoying your sport. Happy Christmas and a Healthy Running 2015 to all.


17th December 2014 

Reading Roadrunners Top Again

Reading Roadrunners continue their good results in the Thames Valley Cross Country League. In the latest race at Handy Cross they again won both team races even without their winner of the two  previous  races Tony Carter . Carrie Hoskins was top female for the club again in 3rd Ellie Gosling was 4th and Alix Eyles 9th for a total of just 16 well ahead of 2nd team Sandhurst Joggers with 30. For the men it was Robert Tan leading the team home in 4th place with Andrew Smith 10th, Simon Elsbury 12th, Lance Nortcliff 14th, Richard Usher 20th and Alex Harris 25th,  for a total of 85 well ahead of Bracknell Forest in 2nd with 138. The total team score of 101 was well ahead of the second team Bracknell Forest with 217 and the rest sand they maintain their number one position in the league.

Update on Reading AC’s Jonny Davies after nearly a month out of training he ran in the European trials as I reported last week. As a result of being the 6th to score for the Under 23 team he has been selected to run for Great Britain and N.Ireland in the European championships at Samokov in Bulgaria on Sunday 14th December. With the extra two weeks of preparation he should be in better form by then. He was 20 in October which puts him in the U23 category for European competition although still under 20  in GB.

In the Tadley  Runners  Christmas 5.2 mile cross country it was a double win for  Ellie and Ian Gosling. Ian was 2nd in the race and the winning vet 34:18 and Ellie was 1st female in 21st with 38:52. Other Reading Roadrunners included Richard Usher 6th and 2nd Vet 36:05, Andy Blenkinsop 13th, Simon Gold  24th, Graham Tull 38th and Belinda Tull 43rd.

Richard Coates was top Reading Jogger 16th 38:13, Eddie Johnson 36th ,Michael McLaughlin 41st And 5th Vet50,  Nick Clark 45th, Diego Martin 46th, and Cliff Marriott 64th.

Ian Combellack the Reading Jogger Vet55 ran the Florence Marathon in 4:12.44 and Alex Whearity from the club finished 11th in the 8 mile Grim off road Challenge run on the very heavy and muddy army vehicle trainng site at Aldersho..

In the most recent Reading Joggers Winter Handicap run at Sulham Woods there were 10 PB’s by the runners and 15 improved on their handicap times. The winner was Cliff Marriott with a PB of  64:22 for the 8 mile run and plus 7.45% on handicap. Jayne Woodhouse was 2nd breaking her best time by 2 minutes 33 seconds with PB of 80:43 and plus 6.22%, Nick Steward was 3rd with his PB of 63:43 and plus 6.07%. The fastest actual times were by David Ayling 55:44 and Mark Saunders 55:54. Fiona Holloway was fastest female with 77:02.

In the latest Reading Park Run on a very cold crisp morning it was a win for Reading Storm Chaser Neil Hart in 17:56 ahead of Reading Roadrunner Andy Mutton 18:07. Top female was again Alix Eyles also RRR’s 18th20:50.Others in the top 15 from the club were Peter Jewell 6th 19:07, Peter Cook 10th 19:56, Melvin Silvey 14th 20:38 and Matthew  Newell  15th 20:46.Matthew Harwood (Reading AC) was 22nd in 21:10.

In the Woodley event it was another win for Roy Madams (Belgrave Harriers) in 16:51 drom Andrew Stay (British Military Fitness) 17:47.Top 21 Reading Roadrunners were Gary Tuttle 5th in his first run in the event with 18:57, Kenny Heaton 10th 20:08, Alan Thomas 12th 20:17, Nigel Hoult 16th 20:48, as a 60 plus runner his age graded performance at 77.80% was top in the race and ahead of the winner’s 77.45%. Dean Allaway was 21st 20:54. 

10th December 2014

More wins for Reading Roadrunners

Tony Carter (Reading Roadrunners)had a second  win in the Thames Valley Cross Country League race at Sandhurst and Reading Roadrunners had a clean sweep of wins for both ladies and men.

Carter wo in 30:27 with Mark Worringham 3rd , Robert Tan 9th, Ian Gosling 14th Andrew Smith 18th and Lance Nortcliff 25th for a total of just 70 well ahead of Sandhurst Joggers 144 and Bracknell Forest Runners 147. The ladies were just as convincing with Caroline Hoskins 1st,  Ellie Gosling 3rd and Alix Eyles 5th for a very low score of just 9 well ahead of 2nd placed   Sandhurst Joggers 15. The combined score gave them a huge victory with a total of just 79 ahead of Sandhurst 182 and Datchet Dashers 247.

Other Reading Roadrunners not in teams included Hugh Knudsen 23rd, Mark Saunders 24th , Jamie Cole 26th, Alex Harris 33rd, Ian Giggs 37th, Peter Jewell 38th, Richard Usher 45th, Ryan O’Brien 49th, Andy Blenkinsop 51st, Gavin Rennie 54th, Gary Tuttle 61st, Alice Leake 6tN lady and Nikki Gray 7th.

In the entry pf 430 runners it was a record turnout of Reading Roadrunners with over 80 taking part.

After three events the ‘Green Vests’ are clear leaders in the league.

In the UK athletics cross country trials at Liverpool Reading AC runners did well with Jonny Davies finishing 19th in the senior race and  1st Under 20. Ben Priddle ran in the separate Under 20 race and was 29th.

Liz Hartney (Reading AC) had another good run in the Maylarch  Eynsham 10K at Witney. Last year she was 39th with 37:35 and this year she was 49th but was faster with 37:27 and 2nd FV45 and 5th female overall, Sue Francis (also RAC)   was  114th 40:52 and 3rd in the same category and 14th female.

Reading Roadrunner Graham Tull was 196th 44:05 in the race with 724 runners.

David Lewin (Reading AC) was 23rd in the Downton Half Marathon near Salisbury with 1:29.03.

Matthew Rainbow (Reading AC) had the narrowest of win in the Woodley Park Run with 17:51 exactly the same time as second runner Andrew Stay (British Military Fitness). Hannah Wright (Reading Roadrunners) was first female 12 th with new PB of 20:06. Other RRR’s in top 20 were Alan Thomas 9th 19:58, and David Lewis 19th 20:33. Alex Sutton (Reading AC) was 11th 20:03 and also RAC young Naomi Harris was 20th with her PB of 20:35.

Not such a close run in the adding Park Run where Roy Maddams (Belgrave Harriers)had another victory with 17:25 from Mark Worringham (Reading Roadrunners) in his PB of 17:54. Alix Eyles also RRR’s was 1st female 18th 21:16, and other top finishers from the club were Simon Elsbury 5th 18:52, Peter Cook 12th 20:39 and Simon Gold 16th 20:51.Thomas Chennell (British Army) was 6th 19:13 and Reading Jogger Mike Wheeler was 7th 20:13.

3rd December 2014

Preparng for London 2015

Preparing for London 2015, Reading Joggers held a ballot last week to allocate their three places in the 2015 London Marathon. A total of 16 who had not been successful in obtaining an entry entered and the lucky three were Kerry Aylmer, Amanda Hall and Eddie Johnson. Liz Elmore-Elkin was drawn as first reserve in case one of the selected could not take up their place.

Fiona Holloway (Reading Jogger) ran the Sandown 10k finishing in 56:48. Her comment on the run “Quite pleased with that. I had forgotten that it was quite undulating, and of course it was very wet, reminded me of the Reading Half 2013. Plenty of water jumps, needed a horse really, but they were having a day off!”

Ultra runner Paul Ali (Reading Joggers) ran the Phoenix Thames Riverside Marathon at Walton-on-Thames finishing 9th with 3:28.32. Gary Brampton was 55th 5:14.41.The race was won in 3:01.24.

Top spots for Reading Roadrunners in the Reading Park Run with four in the top six finishers.  The winner was Luc Jolly 17:51 from Robert Tan 2nd 18:04, Simon Elsbury 4th 18:39 and Andrew Smith 6th 18:59. They also had 12th and 14th with Fergal Donnelly 20:13 and Peter Cook 20:16. Ellie Eyles was 26th and first female to finish 20:57. Brian Kirsopp (Reading Joggers was 24th 20:53.

The Woodley Park Run was dominated by club Tri20 who had 3rd with Tony Walker running the event for the first time in 18:36, Sean Stewart 4th 18:48, Will Headland 5th also first timer 19:05 and Ellie Gosling 6th and first female with her PB 19:31. David McCoy (Reading Roadrunners) was 7th 19:36. Also from Reading Roadrunners Hannah Wright 15th 20:18 (3rd female), Nigel  Hoult (VM60/64) 18th 20:46 and David Lewis 24th 21:12 in his 215th run in a Park Run.

Good to see that the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Cross Country Championship is still taking place as it did on Saturday. It has been a part of the cross country calendar since 1911, one of the longest running events. There was a suggestion 12 months ago that it might not continue because of lack of support but with over 420 runners of all ages taking part this year the race should continue.

26th November 2014

 Win for Reading Roadrunners

Reading Roadrunners were team winners in the second race of the season in the Thames Valley Cross Country League run on the Brocas at Eton on 9th November. They had the individual winner  Tony Carter in 32:48, Andrew Smith was 19th 35:38, Ian Gosling 21st 36:00, Alex Harris 28th 36:26, Richard Usher 30th 36:34, and Peter Jewell 34th 36:39 for a total score of 133 just three more than Datchet Dashers the winners with 130. The ladies team gave them the overall win with a score of just 13 well ahead of 2nd team Thames Valley Triathletes 34. Carolne Hoskins was 2nd, Alix Eyles 3rd and Leake 8th. The winning combined score was 146 against 2nd team Sandhurst Joggers 195.and 3rd Datchet Dashers 210.

Tom Harrison the 79 year old Reading Roadrunner was featured on the Channel  5 News last week in their series about getting old. He was shown running and talking about his view of old age.

Six  of the Reading Roadrunners did the 36th Instanbul  Marathon at the weeked. First home for them  in 409th place was Paul Monaghan in 3:26 followed by Dean Allaway 443rd 3:27 and David Ferguson 3:35. Also running but no times as yet, the marathon men   Pete Morris and Martin Bush plus Tony Streams. Over 3000 runners took part.

Andy Blenkinsop was first Reading Roadrunner to finish in the Gosport Half Marathon on Sunday. He was 147th out of the 1573 runners in 1:25.55. Others from the club were Kevin Jones 180th 1:27.36, Nikki Gray  12th female 1:30.13, Mel Silvey 1:30.47, Belinda Tull 5th female 40/44 1:30.56 and Andrew Mark with his PB of  1:31.09. Jones, Silvey and Tull all had their fastest times of the year.

Reading Joggers had their second Winter Handicap race over 8 mikes n Sulham Woods on Sunday. The result was the same as in the first race. The winner was Cliff Marriott with a PB of 64:03 and plus 10.46% on handicap, Jayne Woodhouse was  2nd  also with a PB of 83:16 and plus 4.47%. The oldest member was again 3rd , Peter White did 98:34 plus 4.30%, his fastest time for a year.

Eugene McSorley (Reading Roadrunners) was 41st in the Shakespeare Half Marathon with 89:45.

A win with a new PB of 17:25 for Jacob Flannigan of Reading AC in the Woodley Park Run. He beat  Enda Ward (Finch Coasters) who also ran a PB of 17:39. Alex Sutton was 4th 18:15, and Ben Rollings 8th PB of 19:16 both Reading AC.  Another win for Caroline Hoskins  (Reading Roadrunners) the first female in 6th place with 19:11.

Belgrave Harrier Roy Maddams had a another comfortable win the Reading  race in 17:22 from Richard Kinnersley  (Reading AC) 18:03. Neil Hart (Reading Storm Chasers) was 3rd 18:29 with the youngest runner Eddie Stevens 4th 18:32.Reading Roadrunners had 7th, 8th and 9th with Alex Warner 19:11, Peter Jewell 19:17 and Richard Usher  19:25. They also had the first female, Alix Eyles 22nd 20:44.

19th November 2014


Priddle wins first International race

Ben Priddle the 19 year old Reading AC runner had a super England debut on Saturday in the home countries international and open 10K Trail run in Betwys-Coed, North Wales. In the challenging Trail race,  where he was the youngest of the three England runners, he finished 4th in 37:13 behind the winning time of 35:34.

Ben now has another big day to look forward to, the European trials in Liverpool  on 29th November where he hopes to finish high enough to gain selection for the GB under 20 team for the European championships in Bulgaria.

Reading AC’s 20 year old Jonathan Davies has been selected to run for England seniors in a top international cross country race in Burgos, Spain on 15th November. He is also targeting the European trials and hopes to make the Under 23 team to follow up on his great win in the under 20 trials last year and his 4th place in the Under 20  European championships.

Coach Rob McKim who has so many of the young talented athletes of Reading AC in his care has also told me about 15 year old Michael Lennon who finished 6th in the Hampshire League at Goodwood on Saturday, his first year in the league.

The second race of the Hampshire Cross Country League was run in real cross country conditions, very wet and muddy, at Goodwood,  Chichester on Saturday. The leading runner for Reading Roadrunners Women was Sarah Urwin-Mann 35th and 9th vet in 23:48,  Nikki Gray was 40th 24:12, Belinda Tull 50th and 15th vet 25:01, Claire Seymour was 131st and 60th vet, and Cecilia Csemiczky was 148th. The team of Urwin-Mann, Gray and Tull were 8th out of 21 Women teams. In the Veteran Women team race they were 7th out of 16 teams. After the first two events in the series the Women are 7th = and the Vet Women are also 7th.

In the Men’s race T. Carter was 1st home for Reading Roadrunners 32nd, Lance Nortcliff was 113th and 33rd vet, R.O’Brian 119th ,  Ian Giggs 130th, P.Graham 160th and 63rd vet, D.Lennon 173rd and 73rd vet, and Colin Cottell  194th and 90th vet. On the day the team was 7th and the Vet team 9th. After the two races in the series the club Men are 8th in the 1st Division and the Vet Men 4th in 2nd Division.

On a busy cross country weekend there was also the Thames Valley Cross Country League race at Windsor where Reading Roadrunners took part. Results next week.

A military presence at both local Park Runs on the  Saturday of Armistice weekend.  A win for Andrew Stay of British Military Fitness in 17:26 at Woodley with Matt Witko  (Royal Engineers Running Club) 3rd in 17:39 with an unknown runner between them. Chris Moseley  (Wargrave Runners) was 4th 18:19. Colin Simpson (Reading AC) was 10th 18:47 and leading Reading Roadrunner was Chris Mason 9th in 19:41. Others from the ‘green vests’ included Kenny Heaton 12th 20:16, and Nigel Hoult VM60-64 16th 20:37.

At Reading it was another win for Belgrave Harrier Roy Maddams  in 17:03 from Reading Roadrunner Luc Jolly with his PB of  17:49 with Thomas Chennell (British Army) 4th in 19:03. Andrew Smith (Reading Roadrunners) was 5th in 19:13 and others from the club included  Gavin Rennie 10th 19:49, Fergal Donnelly 11th, and Peter Cook 14th 20:00. Reading Jogger Shaun East  was 9th with his new PB of 19:35.

12th November 2014

Team Win for Reading Roadrunners at Marlow

Jack Gregory of Reading AC a student at Southampton University was 5th in his best ever time for the distance in the Lordshill 10 mile at Southampton.

Strong entry for Reading Roadrunners in the popular annual Marlow Half Marathon which is a tougher than average run, with Simon Elsbury heading their entry in 10th place and his PB of 88:18.Other leading club members were Mark Saunders 14th  with his best time this year of 84:54, Alex Harris 18th 86:05 and 3rd MV40, Paul Roberson 35th S.Best of 88:46, Gavin Rennie 36th 88:50 and 3rd MV50,  Caroline Hoskins 37th 89:06, 2nd female and 2nd FV40, Lance Nortcliff 46th 91:35, Dean Allaway 55th 93:29, Kenny Heaton 62nd 94:28 and Alix Eyles 63rd 94:04, 3rd female, Chris Cutting 75th 95:31, Colin Cottell 77th 96:30 Chantal Percival 89th 97:04, Mary Janssen 117th 99:33 her  Season Best and 1st FV50. The team of Hoskins, Eyles, Percival and Janssen won the Ladies team race with combined time of 6:19.47 well ahead of 2nd team Handy Cross with 7:14.01.The Mens team of Elsbury,Saunders, Harris and Roberson were 2nd with 5:44.03 behind Chiltern Harriers 5:33.37

Judy Hicks of Reading Joggers was 2nd FV60 in 2:09.33.

Chaire Elliott (Reading Roadrunners) was 156th and 1st FV55 in the Thames Meander Half Marathon at Kingston-upon-Thames in 1:48.10. In the Marathon at the same venue three other club members took part, Sarah Pachonick did 4:32.02, Martin Bush 4:43.07 and Christine Calderon 4:56.10.

Not content with a marathon on Saturday Martin Bush ran another on Sunday at Stevenage where he ran slightly faster with  4:42.24 after reaching halfway in 2:23.09. Also at Stevenage was Richard Scarr also RRR’s  who finished 160th in 4:31.52 after halfway in 2:05.30.

In the Muddy MoRun 10 miles at Swinley Forest, Bracknell  Reading Roadrunner Gavin Collins was 2nd in 69:08 just ten seconds behind the winner and fellow ‘green vest’ Becky Stark was 10th and 2nd female in 80:46.

Roy Maddams  (Belgrave Harriers) had another Park Run win at Reading  with 17:04 from Richard Kinnersley (Reading AC) 17:48. Simon Elsbury was top Reading Roadrunner 4th 18:09 with others including Pete Jewell 10th 18:58, Peter Cook 19th 19:57 and Fergal Donnelly 20th 19:59. A first timer from Reading Joggers, Shaun East , was 21st 20:02. The winning female was Ellie Gosling (Tri20 and RRR’s) 24th 20:08.

Simon Heath of Reading AC won the Woodley Park Run with his new PB of 15:49 from the winner the previous week Jakub Faglio (Bracknell Forest Runners)  17:38.Reading AC also had 3rd and 4th place with Jacob Flannigan 17:41 and Michael Anderson 18:20. Claire Donald (Purple Patch Runners) was first  female 10th 19:37 running the event for the first time. Chris Mason in the 50/54 age category was top Reading Roadrunner 11th with new PB of 19:39.

The first of the Reading Joggers Winter Handicaps was run in Sulham Woods last week. The run over three laps totalling just under 8 miles was won by Cliff Marriott with a PB of 65:27 and plus 11.57% on handicap. Jayne Woodhouse was 2nd  with her PB of 84:16 and plus 5.09%. Third was the clubs oldest member Peter White (84 years young) with 100:14 and plus 2.02%.

Sad news from Reading Joggers. Jill Abbott the wife of Arthur the club coach, passed away on 1st November after a long illness. Jill was a great support to Arthur and the club. She had also helped for many years with the Reading Half Marathon and other events. She will be sadly missed on the running scene and my sympathy goes to Arthur and his family.

Stan Eldon

5th November 2014

Snowdonia, Portsmouth, Leicester, Eatsbourne and Frankfurt

Local runners take part in the Snowdonia Marathon where  a record number of over 1750 runners took part. Reading Roadrunners were headed by Kenny Heaton 248th 3:35.41, followed by Paul Kerr 271st 3:37.59, Fredlina Yong 649th 4:03.17 and ‘marathon man’ Pete Morris 4:47.06. Barry Miller (Reading Joggers) was 611th 4:01.47.

Alex Warner was first to finish from the trio of  Reading Roadrunners  to Germany for the Frankfurst Marathon. He finished 484th in a PB of 2:56.53, Gavin Collins also had a PB of 3:18.15  and Rebecca Stark did 3:29.25.

In the BUPA Great South Run 10 miles at Portsmouth Mathew Harwood of Reading AC was top Reading finisher, 689th 1:10.44 and Aaron Baker did 1:23.04. Reading Roadrunners were Tony Streams 2385th 1:19.23, Nick Robey 1:24.5, James Godsell  1:25.12 and Amanda Box 1:33.31.

Best for Reading Joggers was  John Von Benecke  1704th 1:16.46, with Stephen Walker 1:28.06, Fiona Holloway 1:32.10, Lee Crawford 1:33.39, Andy Lambourne 1:35.29, Diamanta Walker 1:36.27 and Alice Knights  1:43.55.B. Over 16,000 runners took part.

In the Leicester Marathon Reading Roadrunner Liang Guo was 51st in his PB of 3:18.47.Reading Jogger Alex Wherity also had a PB of 3:22.48 in 59th position and Mike Wheeler was 89th 3:29.22.

In the Beachy Head Marathon at Eastbourne on Saturday Dear Allaway (Reading Roadrunners) was 136th out of over 1600 runners  in 3:58.23 and Reading Jogger Nick Steward did 4:48.49.

In the Amsterdam Marathon a week earlier Margaret Hussein (Reading Joggers ) did 4:57.5 and in the half at the same venue Katie Warren did 1:55.43, Sarah Puplett  2:02.19 and Abigail Turner 2:09.15.

In the Peter Driver 10K at Fleet four Reading Joggers took part. Michael McLaughlin  was 84th 42:15, Samantha Bayle did 56: 47, Joanne Hendrie-Henderson  68:30, and Adrian Lee  with same time.

Reading Roadrunners  taking part were Sam Hammond 102nd 53:15 and Peter Reilly 51:07

Robert Tann (Reading Roadrunners) clocks another win in the Reading Park Run with 17:38 beating Chris Moseley (Wargrave Runners) by 32 seconds. Other top finishers for the club were Clewin Griffiths 5th in PB of 18:46, Pete Jewell 6th in  same time, Mark Saunders  7th 1848, Peter Cook 13th 18:52, and Daniel Stockwell 18th PB 19:55. Sarah Wilkins (Reading AC) was winning female 22nd 20:04 just head of another club member Joshua Green 23rd PB of 20:06.

The winner of the Woodley run was Bracknell Forest Runner Jakub Faglio 17:31.Jacob Flannigan (Reading AC) was 3rd 18:03.  For Reading Roadrunners  Aaron Chai was 4th in PB of 18:04, Alex Harris was 7th 19:09, and Caroline Hoskins was winning female in 8th with 19:11.

29th October 2014

Hartney gets win in Cabbage

Liz Hartney of Reading AC won the age 45/54 category finishing 88th in 61:18 in the Stragglers Cabbage Patch 10 Miles at Twickenham on the flat fast course. Reading Roadrunner Mark Worringham was 15th overall  in 55:18 with Belinda Tull 257th and 4th female 40/44 in 69:10 with another ‘green vest’ Christopher Campbell 334th 71:45.

In the Abingdon Marathon run on Sunday in sunny but breezy conditions Reading Roadrunner Gavin Rennie was 58th with his best time for the distance of 3:00.04, a frustrating time just missing getting below the three hour mark, Other Reading Roadrunners in the race,  which was also the Berkshire championship,  were Andrew Smith 74th 3:03.20, his best time of the year, Brian Grieves 3:26.22, David Caswell 3:45.20, David Legg 3:55.42, Rob Bursell  4:06.23 a PB, David Bird 4:36.37 and Julie Molyneux 4:43.35.

Three Reading Joggers took part Brian Kirsopp did 4:25.17, , Christine Calderon 4:25.25,  and Mary Wilson 5:18.16.

There were 636 finishers and the race was won by Leicester man Chris Jordon who had to run his best ever time of 2:32.35, to beat the second man by just 16 seconds.

In the TADLEY Runners 10 Mile at Baughurst the top Reading Roadrunner was David Ferguson 13th 65:29, 0thers included Reading Jogger Michael McLaughlin 24th (3rd MV50) 69:01, Sam Hammond  (RRR)40th 72:37, David Sayer (RJ) 97th (4th MV60) 86:29, Lee Hinton (RRR) 115th 89:09, and Jenny Kitchen (RJ) 97:59.

Kate Alexander (Reading Joggers) was 84th in 4:34.35 in the Dartmoor Vale Marathon  and in the Deviizes Half  Cliff Marriott did 1:47.04 and Stephen Walker 2:13.04.

Reading Roadrunners also had runners in the West Country. They took part in the tough Exmoor Stagger 15.1 miles. Peter Aked did very well finishing in 5th place with 2:10.21 (1st MV45), Lance Nortcliff was 64th 2:45.47, Peter Higgs 3:12.06, Andrew Breakspear  3:14.06, Irene Liming and Claire Seymour 4:03.12. The race on Exmoor ran off road from Minehead to the highest point on the Moor, Dunkery Beacon (1702 feet) and back.

Paul Ali and Wendy Shaw the Ultra runners of Reading Joggers took part in the Winter 100 miles North Downs Way. Paul did 18:56.22 in 9th place out of 152 and Wendy did 21:50.32 in 20th and 3rd lady.

Top three places for Reading AC in the Reading Park Run. Winner was Jack Gregory with 16:37 from Peter Cook 17:15 and Michael Lennon PB of 17:17 and another of the young athletic club squad Ben Corless was 6th. Top three Reading Roadrunners were Pete Jewell 10th 19:14, Fergal Donnelly 12th 19:25 and Luc Jolly 1th 19:41.

In the Woodley Park Run Ian Gosling (Tri20) was 3rd with his PB of 17:59 and wife Ellie was 9th in 20:13 the first female.  Reading AC’s Alan Todd was 5th 18:49 and Kevin Jones (Reading Roadrunners) was 8th 20:13.

22nd October 2014

Reynolds wins Henley again

It was a win for many times winner of the Henley Half Marathon, Ben Reynolds (Thames Hare and Hounds. He first won the race in 1999 and followed that with four other wins in succession, he has also won several other more recent races. This win was special as he is now over 50 years old and he won in 76:54.Paul Roberson was the first Reading Roadrunner in 12th place and 82:31 and Caroline Hoskins was 28th and 2nd female with 86:02. Other Reading Roadrunners in the top 50 were Ryan Obrien 38th87:42, and Patrick Hayes 39th with the same time.

In the 10K event at the same venue Duncan Mollison  (Reading Roadrunners) was 3rd 41:49 and Julie Rainbow 15th and 2nd female in 47:57.

In the Swindon Half Reading Joggers Alex Whearity was 50th 91:18 and Mike Wheeler 51st in the same time.

The Oxford Half Marathon had over 4500 finishers and Kenny Heaton (Reading Roadrunners) was 140th 87:65. Other ‘green vests’ were Belinda Tull 282nd with a Season Best of 92:30, Sian James 448th also SB of 95:40, Alix Eyles 536th  with her PB of 98:16. Jon Evans (Reading AC)  also ran a season best with 99:59.

Carla Prosser (Reading Joggers) ran the Oxford Half Marathon in 1:10.55

In the seaside run the Studland Stampede 12K Reading Jogger Barry Miller was 79th in 58:52.

Reading Roadrunner Simon Elsbury won the weekend Park Run  with his new PB of 18:07. Others from the club included Fergal Donnelly 7th 19:29, Peter Cook 13th 19:57, and Melvin Silvey 17th 20:15.

A double win for the ‘green vests’ with Mark Worringham first home in the Woodley event with 16:28. Other top finishers from the club were Kevin Jones 10th 20:05, Dave Wood 18th 20:45 and Mary Janssen  22nd and 3rd female with new PB of 20:56.

Stan Eldon

15th October 2014

Maddams wins 020

Roy Maddams  (Belgrave Harriers) won the Reading 020 10K from the Thames Valley Park to the Oracle and back in 34:22 from Seb Briggs (no club) 35:20 and Ben Martin-Dye (Bracknell Forest) 35:37.Reading Roadrunners had some good category positions,  Richard Usher was 8th and winning Vet Male 40 with 38:35.Other leading Reading Roadrunners were Fergal Donnelly 13th and 4th MV40 40:14, Richard Charley 14th 40:`7, Chris Mason 17th and the first MV50 40:30, Peter Cook 19th 40:36, Daniel Stockwell 23rd 41:22, Keith Ellis 30th and 3rd MV50 42:34, Paul Milnes 41st 43:31, Andrew Runnacles 61st 45:38, Richard Morgan 64th and 2nd V60 45:56, Sarah Pachonic 3rd FV40 50:22, Rita Dykes 2nd FV60, 57:43 and Trisha Arnold 3rd FV60 61:09.

Reading Jogger Helen Garforth  was 53rd and 2nd Female in 44:45 and Judy Hicks was 1st FV60 in 56:03.Other ‘Joggers’ were Neil  Woodroof 48:15, Ross Mcgeoch-Willams 49:16, Andy Lambourne 52:37, Fiona Holloway 55:05, Andrew Lenaghan 52:38, and Alice Knights 57:33.

Reading AC two runners were Andrew McDonald 20th 40:48 and Matthew Harwood 24th 41:31.

In the Basingstoke Half Reading Roadrunner Keith Russell was 2nd in 1:13.21 (winner Jonah Cheshum did 66:15). Reading Jogger Tom Stagles was 3rd MV60/69 1:51.06.Belinds Tull was 93rd and 3rd FV40 1:33.08, husband Graham  MV50 was 167th 1:38.04, Samantha Taylor did 1:40.18 and the last of the Roadrunners was Simon Buck 1:46.05.

Reading Joggers had four runners in the Lisbon Rock n’ Roll Marathon in  Portugal, In the full marathon Martin Diego did 3:44.41, Steve Walker 4:53.07 and wife Diamanta 4:45.06. Patricia Rodriguez  did 2:13.05 in the Half.  Other local runners also took part but no results, more next week.

Simon Peralta from the same club did 3:45.36 in the Bournemouth Marathon and Ultra runner Paul Ali ran a 50 mile event in Shropshire  which had a total climb of 8000 feet and self-navigation. He was 26th out of 450 in 11 hours 31 minutes.

Gavin Rennie (Reading Roadrunners) was 12th and 1st MV50 in the Cricklade Half Marathon in Wiltshire with 83:42. Clare Marks was 46th, 3rd female and 1st FV45 93:54 and David Lennon was 62nd with his PB of 97:31 (both RRR’s).

In the new Thames Half Marathon run partly on road and on the towpath Reading AC’s Allan Todd was 47th out of the 929 runners in 1:28.51. Three Reading Jogger vet ladies took part, Jenny Kitchen 2:13.40, Mary Wilson and Jayne Woodhouse both in 2:24.31. The race past Hampton Court Bridge and finished at the new Walton Bridge which opened last year.

Tommy Trees the young runner in the 15-17 age group won the latest Reading Park Run with a new PB of 16:31 beating his previous best of 16:44 when he won on 6th September. Reading Roadrunner Robert Tan was 2nd  17:29, Chris Moseley  (Wargrave Runners) was 3rd 17:56 and Neil Hart (Reading Roadrunners) was 4th 18:23. Others from the club included Pete Jewell 10th 18:53, Patrick Hayes 12th in his first run 19:02, and Mark Andrew 21st with a new PB of 19:47.

Belgrave Harrier Roy Madams had a another win in the Woodley race the day before his win in the 020 10k, his 70th Park Run, in 16:39. Alex Warner (RRR’s) was 4th 18:30, and the first three females were Collette Callanan (Sandhurst Joggers) 13th 20:18, Naomi Harris (Reading Ac) 17th with PB of 20:41 and Caroline Hoskins (RRR’s) 18th in the same time.


8th October 2014


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